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Julian Drew Neighborhood Improvements

Project Description

The Julian Drew Neighborhood Enhancement contract was awarded to, and performed by, West Point Contractors, Inc. (WPC) for the City of Tucson. This project fell under a task order of a JOC contract. The project incorporated adding new landscape and maintenance of existing landscaping during the construction period as well as a one year establishment and maintenance period. This project included the revitalization of the historic Julian Drew neighborhood in downtown Tucson. WPC was tasked to create a detailed plan and schedule for the project. Since the neighborhood needed to be accessible at all times, we diverted vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the construction period. We also removed the overhead power lines without harming any of the trees, conducted an assessment and care of root structures under existing concrete walks, and performed a detailed watering and establishment and maintenance plan for new and existing vegetation in the neighborhood. West Point Contractors, Inc. as prime contractor, self performed all work associated with this project with the exception of electrical, materials testing, and traffic control.  In those cases, we hired qualified subcontractors and managed the subcontractor, safety, and quality control on those tasks.

Scope of Work

  • Remove and replace the walkways that were heaved by tree roots.
  • Remove and relocate exsiting vegetation and trees.
  • Relocate power lines from overhead to underground.
  • Trim existing trees and vegetation.
  • Replant new trees and vegetation.
  • Reconstruct planters and install irrigation.

Project Challenges

  • Detailed plans and schedules for the project.
  • Keeping the neighborhood accessible at all times.
  • Diverting vehicle and pedestrian traffic during the construction period.
  • Remove overhead powerlines without harming trees.
  • Assessment and care of root structures under existing concrete walks.
  • Detailed maintenance plan for new and existing vegetation in the neighborhood.


Tucson, AZ



Project Cost