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Tumacacori Walkways

Project Description

Tumacacori National Monument (now National Historical Park) was established in 1908 to protect, preserve and tell the story of the old Spanish and O’odham mission church. In 2005, more than 300 acres were added to the park, reuniting the church grounds with a small piece of historical mission property and placing more than a mile of Santa Cruz River riparian environment, mesquite bosque (forest) and a section of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historical Trail (“Anza Trail”) within the park. The contract, performed for the National Park Service in 2012, consisted of the design and construction of accessible path concrete walkways throughout the Tumacacori National Park. West Point Contractors, Inc. (WPC) was tasked to design a walkway throughout the entire park with respect to drainage, archaeological areas, and public access to all sites. WPC’s in-house engineers, working with LJ Design for landscape architectural design, created winding colored concrete walkways throughout the park that exceeded the desires of the park administration. WPC provided 100% of the labor on this project. Materials used for this project included recycled aggregate base course, welded wire mesh with 90% recycled material, rebar with over with 90% recycled material, and concrete containing flyash. This was all chosen in an effort to incorporate sustainable products into the historic and vibrant public project.

Project Challenges

  • Walkways had to be designed to fit the park aesthetic, as well as be able to be driven over by NPS vehicles.
  • Drainage throughout the park was a major concern of the client. WPC’s design team found solutions to prevent erosion as well as water infiltration of historic structures and diversion.
  • Access to the park’s features at all times was critical to the client. WPC phased construction to ensure the park maintained public access.
  • Special consideration and care was necessary as this is a historic site with artifacts found all over the park. An archaeologist was required to be on site during all excavations and the excavation equipment was modified to reduce damage to any artifacts that were uncovered of which there were several.


Tumacacori, AZ



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