Past Performance - Building Construction, Renovation, and Repair

Cypress Point Picnic Area

Project Description

This project is located along Catalina Highway, also known as Mt. Lemmon Highway, at milepost 11.5. Cypress Picnic Area, is open year-round. It is a popular site because it is the first picnic area in Ponderosa Pine Forest that visitors encounter as they travel up Mt. Lemmon. The composting restroom at the picnic area had major system failures resulting in health and safety hazards for Coronado National Forest employees and odor problems for visitors. WPC removed the existing facilities, including the concrete slabs, underground tank, solar pole, and concrete footer and replaced them with a government-furnished, pre-casted vault restroom building. Due to the natural vegetation in and around the site area, plants, trees, soils, and rock were protected to avoid damage or displacement.

Scope of Work

  • Demolition of existing restroom building, concrete slabs, underground storage tank, and solar pole.
  • Site grading.
  • Installation and compaction of fill material under concrete walks.
  • Installation of pre-cast vault restroom building.
  • Relocation of trash bins and boulders.
  • Construction of concrete walkways.

Project Challenges

  • Determine safe vehicle lengths and load limits for road conditions and site access.
  • Limited construction schedule due to weather and wildlife restrictions.
  • Required to utilize recovered, recyclable, and environmentally preferred products, materials, and services as per Executive Order 13423.


Tucson, AZ2015



Project Cost