Past Performance - Building Construction, Renovation, and Repair

Front Office & Lobby Renovations

Project Description

Work consisted of modifying the existing reception area in the main office building located on the Tucson Game and Fish Campus. The goal of the renovation was to provide additional waiting space, organization and security for the Game and Fish employees and their customers. The display and storage areas needed to maintain existing working space as currently used while upgrading the appearance and functionality. The project required several preliminary designs and continuous updates throughout the construction process to accommodate the needs of the facility. Complete design and engineering of electrical, HVAC, structural and architectural layout was designed by teaming with a key subcontracted design firm.

Scope of Work

  • Existing reception, display and rear storage areas were demolished.
  • Additional space was added to the lobby by removing two workstations. This required the partial removal of existing walls.
  • New 3 5/8 inch 24 inch on center metal stud dividing wall was installed with R19 BATT insulation and ½ inch drywall with 4 attached workstations 1 of which conformed to required ADA code.
  • Each station included adequate 5 feet x 6 feet work space for computers and storage to allow for sitting or standing and controlled access to the public.
  • New acoustic partitions installed between workstations for added privacy.
  • Electronically operated metal roll down shutters with custom painted G & F logos were installed in each workstation opening for added security and privacy.
  • New solid core wood door and security hardware with key code entry system were installed in the new dividing wall. The entry system reports back to the managers’ computer.
  • Existing workstation windows in the northern rear wall was removed and filled to accommodate a new storage area with access to bottom feed and regular printers.
  • Existing entry area tile was removed and replaced with a faux wood vinyl flooring for reduced maintenance and added longevity.
  • Carpet tiles were patched in the location of the old reception counter.
  • A digital queue counter was installed in the lobby to ensure more efficient customer service.
  • Electrical connections and runs were modified to fit the new reception area.
  • Panic buttons were installed at each works station for added security.

Project Challenges

  • Managed multiple suppliers, vendors and subcontractors in secure environment.
  • Effectively managed on-site personnel meeting high quality and safety standards along with effective tenant relations.
  • Project completed with an expedited timeline due to fiscal year end needs.
  • Relocation of client operational workspace.


Tucson, AZ2015



Project Cost