Past Performance - Building Construction, Renovation, and Repair

Re-Roof at Massai Point Exhibit Building, Sugar loaf Fire Lookout, and Quarters 22

Project Description

This project consisted of the design and construction to re-roof three buildings with a metal standing seam roof with a 25 year warranty. Scope required the replacement of rain gutters and associated hardware, 5 inch aluminum seamless gutters and down spouts, and repairs to the existing roof. WPC’s Design-build Team reviewed each building’s existing conditions carefully to discover building access issues, assess elevations, and devise a plan for how the work could be completed at all three locations. Special consideration had to be given for products that could be carried up a mile long trail, and installed per the desired scope of work.

Scope of Work

  • Tear off, dispose and repair existing roofing materials down to the substrate.
  • Install metal standing seam roof system.
  • Install metal drip edge, trim and flashing, fasteners, and sealants.
  • Roof penetration flashing.
  • Install sealants required to perform the work for the roofs and gutters.
  • Replace gutters with 5” aluminum seamless gutters and down spouts.
  • Uninstall and reinstall solar panels, radio antennas, and associated electrical work.

Project Challenges

  • Access to the sites
  • The elevation at several sites was estimated between 7,000 - 7,400 feet. Vehicles longer than 20 feet could not access the parking area.
  • Some locations involved a steep 1-mile hike to the building site.
  • Power was not available at this building site and WPC needed to furnish a generator and power tools.
  • The work took place on historic structures. WPC adapted standard commercial practices to compensate for historical compliance issues. WPC coordinated with the park’s historical technical personnel and adapted the technical approach to preserve the historic nature of the quarters.


Cochise County, AZ



Project Cost