Past Performance - Building Construction, Renovation, and Repair

Rincon Mountain District Visitor Center Rehabilitation Project

Project Description

The Rincon Mountain Visitor Center serves as the focal point for the park’s east district, and receives nearly 100,000 visitors annually. The Rincon Mountain Visitor Center was originally built in 1953 and expanded to its current state in 1958. It had not been rehabilitated or modified in any significant way since then. Many of the current interpretive exhibits were installed in 1961. In preparation for modernizing the visitor center, the structure was in critical need of renovation and updating. Specifically, the visitor center wanted to add a new exhibit space and expand the movie screen room. To do this expansion, a structural wall needed to be moved. This was accomplished by bringing in a structural engineer who calculated the new loads and designed a frame which would support the renovation. Demolition was accomplished using floor-jacks to support the roof. Moving the wall also added the need to reroute and rebalance the HVAC and fire suppression systems. New electrical was upgraded to support the new exhibits. Exterior windows on the north side of the building needed to be replaced with energy efficient glazing. Replacement of the glazing helped to reduce energy consumption and better protect exhibits from harmful UV light exposure. The design effort included the redesign of the entire west wing of the Visitor Center. HVAC needs were calculated and redesigned to accommodate new spaces. Fire Suppression systems, electrical, and structural design was also necessary to meet the needs of the client’s vision. WPC hired an outside engineering and design firm as a subcontractor to accomplish these efforts. As a team, we were able to meet the vision of the client in this historic and iconic park.

Project Challenges

  • Design-Build.
  • Managed multiple suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.
  • Effectively managed on-site personnel meeting high quality and safety standards.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple phases with multiple disciplines.


Tucson, AZ



Project Cost