Past Performance - Underground Utility Construction

Wastewater Pond Upgrades

Project Description

This project was performed by West Point Contractors, Inc. (WPC) for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, under an IDIQ Design-Build Contract for Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP). The Design-Build contract was awarded to WPC with a base and 3 option years for commercial building, demolition, and heavy civil construction services for facilities within the western region serving 20 institutions, 1 private facility, and 5 RRM Field Offices across 11 states. FCI Phoenix has an on-site waste management system consisting of six effluent storage ponds. The ponds had several issues that needed to be identified and corrected in order to meet facility needs as well as requirements of ADEQ. The Ponds contained 3’ of 30-year-old sludge, which needed to be converted to a solid, removed and disposed of. A significant issue which faced the team, arose when the sludge would not consistently react to polymers due to age and characteristics. This required WPC to find alternate methods for dry out and removal. A mechanical method was chosen and executed with excellent results. Utilizing the dry season and heavy equipment, the sludge was dried and hauled off-site ahead of schedule. During testing and the design phase, it was determined several ponds had outdated, leaking liners which needed to be replaced. A liner system was designed and installed providing a minimum 20 year warrantied product. The new liners required additional earthwork to allow for any methane trapped under the liners to off gas. Motors, aerators, electrical and mechanical controls, as well as monitoring wells were upgraded. WPC contracted with HDR Engineering on the design and engineering requirements of the contract, and headed the design-build team’s efforts. WPC’s design and construction efforts followed the LEED efficiency and sustainability guidelines for renovation and repairs to facilities. All work was performed in an active Federal Correction Facility. These FCIs maintain extremely stringent security measures and coordination with multiple levels of security staffing is required. Lock-Out-Tag-Out procedures are followed with every tool, and piece of material. The design and construction required strict accordance to Bureau of Prison standards and specifications for installation in secure facilities. Lock downs and stop work orders were a daily occurrence requiring extensive management of personnel and subcontractors.

Scope of Work

  • Design and engineering.
  • Sludge removal.
  • Design and install aerators.
  • Design and install pumps to achieve desired capacity and efficiency.
  • Design and document concrete access pads.
  • Update motor control center for sewage grinders and aeration equipment.
  • Upgrade flow measurement equipment.
  • Design and install HDPE liners.

Project Challenges

  • Managed multiple suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.
  • Effectively managed on-site personnel meeting high quality and safety standards along with effective tenant relations.
  • Amended APP Permit with ADEQ to document all new upgrades.


Phoenix, AZ



Project Cost